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We provide highly effective, well-honed improvement techniques & programs. We train, coach, and inspire staff and managers to re-think the way they provide care to patients. We bring practical, tested solutions to help produce dramatic results…. Results no one thought were possible.

How the Coleman DPI™ can reduce Emergency Room visits

Frequent and unnecessary emergency department (ED/ER) visits are a major problem for patients, family budgets, national health care economics, and doctor’s offices which are trying to provide continuity of care for their patients. It’s not news that medical costs are at an all-time high in part due to a rise...

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Performance Dashboard

Creating a data-driven culture can start with the simplest beginnings. A performance dashboard can be as simple or as layered as you like, but they key to creating a dashboard is making the data come alive to the reader in a way that creates a "call to action." Sifting through Meaningful Use, HEDIS measures, ...

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The Tactical Nurse in Action

I talk with a lot of nurses in a lot of community health centers across the country and let’s face it, for a lot of RNs their current job role sucks. Often they are chained to a phone or in charge...

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