What We Do

We provide highly effective, well-honed improvement techniques & programs. We train, coach, and inspire staff and managers to re-think the way they provide care to patients. We bring practical, tested solutions to help produce dramatic results…. Results no one thought were possible.

It's All in the Anticipation!

I love hosting guests in my home! I’m not Martha Stewart, but I like to think of myself as a gracious hostess who makes her friends and family feel welcomed and appreciated when they come for a visit. Making someone feel welcomed is all in the details and how you can prepare for and anticipate their needs and ...

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Those Darn No-Shows

It’s another busy day at the clinic. You look at the schedule for the doctor you’re working with today and your hair just about stands on end. Who’s responsible for this mess? She has three patients scheduled for 8:15, two for 8:30 and another two for 8:45. The morning is in a shambles. How will everyone ...

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Performance Dashboard

Creating a data-driven culture can start with the simplest beginnings. A performance dashboard can be as simple or as layered as you like, but they key to creating a dashboard is making the data come alive to the reader in a way that creates a "call to action." Sifting through Meaningful Use, HEDIS measures, ...

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