What We Do

We provide highly effective, well-honed improvement techniques & programs. We train, coach, and inspire staff and managers to re-think the way they provide care to patients. We bring practical, tested solutions to help produce dramatic results…. Results no one thought were possible.

Those Darn No-Shows

It’s another busy day at the clinic. You look at the schedule for the doctor you’re working with today and your hair just about stands on end. Who’s responsible for this mess? She has three patients scheduled for 8:15, two for 8:30 and another two for 8:45. The morning is in a shambles. How will everyone ...

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Performance Dashboard

Creating a data-driven culture can start with the simplest beginnings. A performance dashboard can be as simple or as layered as you like, but they key to creating a dashboard is making the data come alive to the reader in a way that creates a "call to action." Sifting through Meaningful Use, HEDIS measures, ...

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Broken Windows

by Diana Smith with Melissa Stratman Coleman Associates Twenty-five years ago, New York City was in a state of steep decline. Graffiti defaced buildings, drunken transients urinated in the streets and petty thieves regularly hopped turnstiles to avoid paying a 50-cent subway fare. Yet, a new theory of police ...

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About Redesign

There's a lot for patients to dislike about going to see the doctor these days. It often begins with the frustration of an impersonal, incomprehensible auto-attended phone system and being put on hold when the patient finally reaches a real person. Then there's the interminable waiting—for a convenient and ...

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Are you a Tactical Nurse™?

The field of nursing has become more complex than anyone could have imagined just a generation ago. Today’s nurses are expected to be not only great caregivers, but great innovators, too. The increased demands of health care require a new generation of thinkers who want to be agents of care innovation. As a re...

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