What We Do

We provide highly effective, well-honed improvement techniques & programs. We train, coach, and inspire staff and managers to re-think the way they provide care to patients. We bring practical, tested solutions to help produce dramatic results…. Results no one thought were possible.

Equally Hobbling Everyone

I was sitting for what felt like forever in a management team meeting listening to a frustrating circular conversation about a physician who went “too slow to be financially viable.” Then, someone at the table proposed a solution and the conversation went like this: “What if we pair Luz with Dr. Johnson?...

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COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Clinic Operations Toolkit

  The COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Clinic Operations Toolkit contains tools and samples that will help CHCs and public health entities practice the most efficient and patient-centered vaccine distribution workflows. What's included in the Toolkit: Staff and Patient Education Materials...

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