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We provide highly effective, well-honed improvement techniques & programs. We train, coach, and inspire staff and managers to re-think the way they provide care to patients. We bring practical, tested solutions to help produce dramatic results…. Results no one thought were possible.

Why is Patient-Centered Care Important in Community Health Centers?

When it comes to healthcare, delivering top-notch care extends beyond addressing physical ailments. It encompasses recognizing the distinct requirements, choices, and principles of individuals. This is where the notion of patient-centered care becomes crucial. In the following article, we will delve into the con...

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Alternative Payment Models

Join Coleman Associates CEO, Melissa Stratman, and COO, Amanda Laramie, as we explore value-based care and dive into Coleman's approach for Alternative Payment Model (APM) readiness. Understand the di...

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The Effect of No-Shows and How to Deal with It

It’s another busy day at the clinic. You look at the schedule for the doctor you’re working with today, and your hair just about stands on end. Who’s responsible for this mess? She has three patients scheduled for 8:15, two for 8:30, and another two for 8:45. The morning is in shambles. How will every...

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