Transformation is a process that requires a solid plan, good leadership, trusted data, best practices, inspiration, an outside perspective and push—which can be provided by Coleman Associates. A few great tools never hurts either.

Envision Your Ideal Patient Visit Experience

The great thing about redesign an transformed visit, is that we all have experience being a patient. As a healthcare worker, you have to no more than tell a friend or new acquaintance that you work in healthcare and they will share with you a story of some awful experience they or their family member has had get...

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Cycle Time Math

This brief guide is designed for those of you who never liked doing math or never found an easy way...

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Are You Ready for Redesign?

Redesigning your processes, leaving behind old ways of working and holding new processes in place until new habits are formed takes a steely commitment to the end results. The first step total stock of where you are. How is patient satisfaction at your center?  Are you able to attract and retain talented st...

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