Envision Your Ideal Patient Visit Experience

The great thing about redesign an transformed visit, is that we all have experience being a patient. As a healthcare worker, you have to no more than tell a friend or new acquaintance that you work in healthcare and they will share with you a story of some awful experience they or their family member has had getting care. It’s a universal experience…but that is changing.

Every great change begins with a dream.  A hope and vision for something better. For you, that means you need to take ten minutes and think about how you would ideally want be treated from the moment you call to make an appointment to the moment you leave.

Maybe your ideal visit doesn’t even involve a “visit.” Maybe it is a video chat over your phone. And computer Maybe your ideal visit includes going into an office that feels like home, not like a sterile office of the past. Maybe there people know you by name, they greet you and with a tablet device in hand they begin your care. Maybe they see you in a room with a comfy chair, a smart phone charger and natural lighting. Maybe they review all of the details about you …showing that they have prepared for your visit and they focus exclusively on figuring you out and make you well.

Maybe your ideal visit means not walking to the lab or radiology department but instead one quick stick in the exam room allows you to get an array of blood tests done…or maybe it’s just a drop of blood or a urine or saliva sample that unlock your genetic makeup and inform your medical care. Maybe your ideal visit involves getting an emailed follow up plan and heading out to enjoy the rest of your day.

As you do this exercise finding yourself explaining why these things cannot happen, the entire redesign process will not be impossible, but it will be more challenging. Every week we work with believers….people like you who believe that the opportunity to make healthcare work better for everyone rests in their hands and is shaped by their willingness to try new ways of working.

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