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Atul Gawande - Want To Get Great at Something? Get a Coach

Physician and Author Atul Gawande writes about improvement, quality, coaching and optimizing healthcare. In this video he talks about the virtue of being coached to continually improve the way we work. If doctors can benefit from coaching, can't we all?

Why Trying New Things is So Hard to Do

Why Trying New Things is So Hard to Do. In this NY Times article Sendhill Mullainathan explores how his and others habits around what soda we buy,  our daily commuting routine, etc., are shaped by our habits rather than by data or our best judgment about how we ought to do what we do.

How Did That Happen? by Tom Smith and Roger Connors

How Did That Happen? by Tom Smith and Roger Connors. This book offers an easy-to-understand, methodical process of building accountability in your organization. Have you ever wondered why projects come and go, but success, long-term success, is hard to come by? The authors provide an effective way to drive organizational efforts by being clear about goals and expectations, making sure all have the tools and motivation needed to succeed, and holding everyone (including yourself) accountable for obtaining results. This is a great handbook for any manager wanting to create an culture where accountability is embraced as a positive way to get positive results.

Redefining Health Care by Michael E Porter and Elizabeth Olmstead Teisberg

Redefining Health Care by Michael E Porter and Elizabeth Olmstead Teisberg. In this textbook-style approach to health care problems and proposed solutions the authors take a data-based, deep look into problems that plague healthcare including measurement, competition, quality, reimbursement, insurance, etc., It’s a very in-depth, academic book rich with citings and background to get you up to speed on the challenges facing the industry.

No Ego by Cy Wakeman

No Ego by Cy Wakeman. The book No Ego was recommended to me by a health center CEO who told me how it transformed her thinking about her need to make employees happy, employee engagement and drama in the workplace. Having read the book twice this last month, I strongly agree that Cy Wakeman makes some very practical and grounded points about how managers can more effectively manage. This is a fabulous read to challenge age old “management wisdom”.

The Brain That Changes Itself. Norman Doidge, MD

The Brain That Changes Itself. Norman Doidge, MD. While our attitude and behavior towards change create various barriers, this book demonstrates that our brain readily creates new neural pathways (aka plasticity) to help a blind person see through their tongue. It gives a new perspective on the power of thinking positively.

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