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Understanding Variation: The Key To Managing Chaos by Donald J. Wheeler

Understanding Variation: The Key To Managing Chaos by Donald J. Wheeler. Data-driven decision-making seems to be a hot phrase in the world of health-care redesign. Its scope and size have increased exponentially with the growth of the Internet, search engines like Google, and (in our realm) with the implementation of EMR’s.  But before this information can be useful it must be analyzed, interpreted, and presented in a meaningful way. Understanding Variation presented some easy to grasp principles and techniques to digest data and extract its meaning.

Mountains Beyond Mountains by Tracy Kidder

Mountains Beyond Mountains by Tracy Kidder. In this biography, Kidder tells the story of infectious disease specialist Paul Farmer, MD who takes his strong mind and his passionate determination to dramatically improve public health to Haiti. His inspiring ability to think in unconventional ways to reach patients is a fantastic story to re-ignite your passion to care for all patients.

Change by Design by Tim Brown

Change by Design by Tim Brown
“Tim Brown has written the definitive book on design thinking. Brown’s wit, experience, and compelling stories create a delightful journey. His masterpiece captures the emotions, mindset, and methods required for designing everything, from a  product to experience to a strategy, in entirely different ways.” Robert I. Sutton, author of The No Asshole Rule

Brian Goldman - Doctors make Mistakes. Can We Talk About That?

This video is a snapshot into a very serious subject: medial errors. This clip is a 19-minute video that is great as a stand-alone and ideal as a conversation starter. Use this in provider meetings, patient care team work-sessions or in clinical leadership trainings. Physician Brian Goldman talks about mistakes and how medical culture begs for a shift in order to make real-life medical failures a critical learning step between your present-day work and future successes. It’s a culture change if you allow it to be.

Estonia: The Digital Republic by Nathan Heller

Estonia: The Digital Republic by Nathan Heller. This article has nothing at all to do with healthcare… Which is why you might need to read it. This article is a chance to leave the barriers of your health center and think about how our lives could be different and better if we could abandon the pre-described norms and just embrace, really embrace technology.

Death by Meeting by Patrick Lencioni

Death by Meeting by Patrick Lencioni. Another fable turned to insights in this story about how one company took control of their meeting culture, unleashed the spirit of healthy conflict and found ways to define and eliminate needless meetings. Learn how to grow beyond days of slow and painful meetings where topics are revisited and some folks spend countless hours updating their peers in mundane and uninteresting ways. This book can really shake up your organization’s meetings if you are open to testing Lencioni’s proposed structure.

Fish! Lundin, Paul and Christensen

Fish! Lundin, Paul, and Christensen. Want to have fun at work and boost staff morale? This parable applies simple lessons learned at Seattle’s famous Pike Place Fish Market to any work environment. No, you won’t learn how to throw a 30-pound mackerel around, but you WILL discover how to promote a culture of appreciation, fun and great customer service! Trialed and tested at health care organizations, this methodology dramatically changed the lives of health care professionals who were facing burnout and the effects of dealing with a sick patient population day in and day out. Pick it up and then consider purchasing the companion DVD, FiSH! Tales to watch at your next staff meeting!

How to Change the World – A Practical Blog for Impractical People

“How to Change the World – A Practical Blog for Impractical People.” Known as the former Chief Evangelist for Apple, this best-selling author hosts his “How to Change the World” blog where he shares his ideas of how to enchant the world. From marketing to technology, customer service, and product development, Guy believes that “if you need to enchant people, you’re doing something meaningful. If you’re doing something meaningful, you need enchantment.” Tune in daily as he gives useful advice applicable to any industry.

Click here for Guy Kawaski’s Blog. Innovator. Idea generator. Guy Kawaski has brought his strengths in innovation, idea spreading and social media to all of us through his blogs, tweets, and speeches.

The Creative Destruction of Medicine, Dr. Eric Topol

The Creative Destruction of Medicine, Dr. Eric Topol. Dr. Topol describes how technology is changing Medicine, giving physicians more diagnostic and predictive tools, and patients more control and options. It’s a glance into the possible future of medicine.

Atul Gawande - Want To Get Great at Something? Get a Coach

Physician and Author Atul Gawande writes about improvement, quality, coaching and optimizing healthcare. In this video he talks about the virtue of being coached to continually improve the way we work. If doctors can benefit from coaching, can't we all?

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