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The Fee-for-Service Monster

Maybe you’ve just gotten into healthcare from some other industry or maybe you’re deep in healthcare and you don’t know why it’s gotten so darn difficult just to do your job every day!?!
This podcast gives a great overview of this systemic problems related to health care reimbursement and pressures on providers and primary care clinics. It’s a wonderfully done podcast interviewing Vivian Lee, the author of The Long Fix that hopefully will enlighten you into the larger problems around fee-for-service.

Clinic Aims To Prevent Health Issues Brought On By Extreme Weather Disasters

Health clinics can suffer disruptions during extreme weather disasters, putting their patients' health at risk. Researchers are researching how clinics can better prepare for such events. Listen to this short podcast to hear more.

Only Human: Why is Healthcare So Expensive? We Ask an Expert

Only Human: A Podcast. Only Human is a show that isn’t afraid to have those uncomfortable conversations about our healthcare, or how to experiment with possible solutions. Hosted by Mary Harris, Only Human tells stories we all can relate to. Because every body has a story. This one in particular, “Why is Healthcare so Expensive?” is a great 15-minute listen explaining the complexities of our health system and why it’s so darn expensive.

Managing with the Brain in Mind

Managing with the Brain in MindDavid Rock marries neuroscience research with everything we feel and see play out in the workplace. Rock studies the brain’s response to feeling threatened or judged at work and found the brain reacted the same way as if the body had been physically assaulted! How can anyone work well under those circumstances? Best Managers understand that you can’t ignore emotions in the workplace. Read this article and learn how to foster a work environment that reduces the threat, increases certainty, and creates a sense of relatedness. Accomplish those three things and you will create a higher-performing and more satisfied staff!

Six Steps for Turning Setbacks into Advantages

Six Steps for Turning Setbacks into Advantages. People experience six distinct stages of turning adversity into growth. Read more to learn about the change process.

The Truth about Employee Engagement by Patrick Lencioni

Three Signs of a Miserable Job renamed as The Truth About Employee Engagement by Patrick Lencioni. This quick read tells how a manager's job is to help employees feel connected to their job and to help them realize the impact their work (and the quality of their work) has on customers and the organization. In this fable and corresponding summary, Lencioni inspires managers with practical ways that they can help their staff to avoid feeling like their work doesn’t matter by touching on anonymity, measurement, and relevance in the workplace.

Cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghese

Cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghese. It’s easy to see why this story that has nothing and everything to do with medicine has won its way into the hearts of so many readers. It’s a beautiful story that connects you on a new level to the practice of medicine.

Monday Morning Leadership by David Cottrell

Monday Morning Leadership by David Cottrell. This book is a must-read for managers at any level. Whether you’re a brand new manager or a seasoned one, Cottrell’s brief practical and direct management lessons are universally relatable. He covers topic such as ownership, time management, hiring and retaining superstars, providing feedback and continuing to grow yourself as a manager. Consider this book #1 if you are new to management.

First Break All of the Rules by Marcus Buckingham and Curt Coffman

First Break All of the Rules. Marcus Buckingham and Curt Coffman. This is a must-read for managers! Want to turn that old-school management style into effective leadership? Want to tap all of your people for their unique talent(s) and turn them into your top performers? Pick up this book, break conventional wisdom, and start picking favorites at work! First Break all of the Rules explores what the world’s best managers do differently and how their practices boost productivity and staff satisfaction.

Podcast: How I Built This.

Podcast: How I Built This. How I Built This is a podcast about what is possible and how to go from a dream to a successful, or eventually successful implementable model, prototype, system or product.

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