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Who Is (and Is Not) Receiving Telemedicine Care During the COVID-19 Pandemic


Coleman provides a variety of resources to help organizations fold in telehealth/virtual care into their current workflows. Read more about who has been accessing these health care resources as you think about how to reduce the divide among your patients and help them to take advantage of this convenience offering.

Addressing Transportation Insecurity: Concrete Advice From Clinic Leaders


Our work in 2020 focused, like most of your work, on alternative ways to see and care for our patients. Here is a summary of what one organization we like, CCI (Center for Care Innovations) pulled together from some of their work on patient transportation.

Interview with Peter Piot about COVID-19


An interview with renowned virologist and microbiologist, Peter Piot about COVID-19. There are 100 questions and answers in an interview with TEDMED Foundation Director, Jay Walker.

Discipline of Teams 


Discipline of Teams Smith and Katzenback brought to life the interworking of a true team back in the early 1990s. In our modern days of work the word team is overused and has lost most of its meaning. This article serves as a brilliant and simplistic reminder of what makes a great team great!

The Creation Myth by Malcolm Gladwell


The Creation Myth by Malcolm Gladwell. This inspiring article tells two stories of innovations and how great ideas come together by debunking some misconceptions about how great ideas are built and features a great story about Steve Jobs in his earlier days. This article should leave you inspired to challenge yourself around what you do with the ideas you catch, rather than fretting over what ideas come to you in the first place.

We instinctively add on new features and fixes. Why don’t we subtract instead?


Challenge your instinctual thinking?” This article published in the Washington Post highlights Leidy Klotz’s thinking about how subtracting things is significantly more challenging than its corollary function of simply adding new things. This very much applies to the way we redesign systems and processes going for the additive experience almost instinctually.

Mental health for all by involving all


Integrated behavioral health is something we all talk about. If it’s an area of interest to you then listen to Vikram Patel talk about his work abroad in helping to heal the whole patient.

Reality-Based Leadership Ditch the Drama, Restore Sanity to the Workplace, and Turn Excuses into Results


Reality-Based Leadership Ditch the Drama, Restore Sanity to the Workplace, and Turn Excuses into Results. This is another practical read from Cy Wakeman in which she tackles emotional waste, learned helplessness, playing favorites, and becoming a leader and manager who leads instead of dreading your most frustrating employees and their behaviors.

RoS: Design Thinking & Clinics with No Waiting Rooms with Stacey Chang


Stacey Chang shares about design in medicine, drawing upon his experience at the Dell School of Medicine at UT Austin and how we can use design thinking as a tool to improve healthcare.

Tips for using total time to code E/M office visits


I would suggest a blurb like the following. The AAFP suggests guidance for getting paid for outside of the visit support. See this nifty article for guidance.

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