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Mountains Beyond Mountains by Tracy Kidder


Mountains Beyond Mountains by Tracy Kidder. In this biography, Kidder tells the story of infectious disease specialist Paul Farmer, MD who takes his strong mind and his passionate determination to dramatically improve public health to Haiti. His inspiring ability to think in unconventional ways to reach patients is a fantastic story to re-ignite your passion to care for all patients.

Redefining Health Care by Michael E Porter and Elizabeth Olmstead Teisberg


Redefining Health Care by Michael E Porter and Elizabeth Olmstead Teisberg. In this textbook-style approach to health care problems and proposed solutions the authors take a data-based, deep look into problems that plague healthcare including measurement, competition, quality, reimbursement, insurance, etc., It’s a very in-depth, academic book rich with citings and background to get you up to speed on the challenges facing the industry.

Fish! Lundin, Paul and Christensen


Fish! Lundin, Paul, and Christensen. Want to have fun at work and boost staff morale? This parable applies simple lessons learned at Seattle’s famous Pike Place Fish Market to any work environment. No, you won’t learn how to throw a 30-pound mackerel around, but you WILL discover how to promote a culture of appreciation, fun and great customer service! Trialed and tested at health care organizations, this methodology dramatically changed the lives of health care professionals who were facing burnout and the effects of dealing with a sick patient population day in and day out. Pick it up and then consider purchasing the companion DVD, FiSH! Tales to watch at your next staff meeting!

Good to Great by Jim Collins


Good to Great by Jim Collins. Written by fellow Boulder-ite Jim Collins, this book gives examples of businesses that have either stayed mediocre or found a way to excel. While Good is the enemy of Great this book doesn’t tear down the “good” but rather gives strategies for finding your way to be “great.” It’s an inspiring book about hard work, diligence, management, and tough decisions.

Factfulness by Hans Rosling


Factfulness by Hans Rosling A review by Bill Gates on why this book is one of the most important reads for our time.

First Break All of the Rules by Marcus Buckingham and Curt Coffman


First Break All of the Rules. Marcus Buckingham and Curt Coffman. This is a must-read for managers! Want to turn that old-school management style into effective leadership? Want to tap all of your people for their unique talent(s) and turn them into your top performers? Pick up this book, break conventional wisdom, and start picking favorites at work! First Break all of the Rules explores what the world’s best managers do differently and how their practices boost productivity and staff satisfaction.

The Penguin and the Leviathan by Yochai Benkler


The Penguin and the LeviathanYochai Benkler. The power of teamwork, communication, and cooperation transforms our relationship with work, and brings us closer to our true sense of community.

The Brain That Changes Itself. Norman Doidge, MD


The Brain That Changes Itself. Norman Doidge, MD. While our attitude and behavior towards change create various barriers, this book demonstrates that our brain readily creates new neural pathways (aka plasticity) to help a blind person see through their tongue. It gives a new perspective on the power of thinking positively.

The Creative Destruction of Medicine, Dr. Eric Topol


The Creative Destruction of Medicine, Dr. Eric Topol. Dr. Topol describes how technology is changing Medicine, giving physicians more diagnostic and predictive tools, and patients more control and options. It’s a glance into the possible future of medicine.

Understanding Variation: The Key To Managing Chaos by Donald J. Wheeler


Understanding Variation: The Key To Managing Chaos by Donald J. Wheeler. Data-driven decision-making seems to be a hot phrase in the world of health-care redesign. Its scope and size have increased exponentially with the growth of the Internet, search engines like Google, and (in our realm) with the implementation of EMR’s.  But before this information can be useful it must be analyzed, interpreted, and presented in a meaningful way. Understanding Variation presented some easy to grasp principles and techniques to digest data and extract its meaning.

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