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Coleman Associates loves seeking out resources, stumbling upon thought-provoking videos and learning from others both inside and outside the healthcare industry. We’d love to share our favorites with you.

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Coleman Associates Innovation Podcast


Reduce No-Show Rates in Community Health? Redesign the visit to actually work for the patient? These seemingly insurmountable challenges and more are explored in a podcast hosted by Coleman Associates. We will interview health centers, redesign experts and dramatic performance improvement veterans on what worked, what was challenging and what you can do to start your own transformation effort tomorrow.

Eric Dishman - Health Care Should Be a Team Sport


Coleman Associates has taught Team-Based care for decades. Finally, this movement is gaining real momentum… however, there are severe gaps because of culture, hierarchy, history and the inability of thousands to see the link between the past and the future. In many ways, we are our own biggest roadblock to catching up to this way of working.

Now, zoom ahead to the future… advances in technology, social connectedness, and Patient Care Teams make “the sacred and somewhat over-romanticized doctor-patient one-on-one is a relic of the past.” "The future of healthcare is smart teams and you better be on that team for yourself,” says Eric Dishman. See for yourself!

Brian Goldman - Doctors make Mistakes. Can We Talk About That?


This video is a snapshot into a very serious subject: medial errors. This clip is a 19-minute video that is great as a stand-alone and ideal as a conversation starter. Use this in provider meetings, patient care team work-sessions or in clinical leadership trainings. Physician Brian Goldman talks about mistakes and how medical culture begs for a shift in order to make real-life medical failures a critical learning step between your present-day work and future successes. It’s a culture change if you allow it to be.

Atul Gawande - Want To Get Great at Something? Get a Coach


Physician and Author Atul Gawande writes about improvement, quality, coaching and optimizing healthcare. In this video he talks about the virtue of being coached to continually improve the way we work. If doctors can benefit from coaching, can't we all?

Freakonomics Podcast: How to Get More Grit.


Freakonomics Podcast: How to Get More Grit. The psychologist Angela Duckworth argues that a person’s level of stick-to-itiveness is directly related to their level of success. No big surprise there. But grit, she says, isn’t something you’re born with — it can be learned. Here’s how. This is a great listen if you are a leader in the learning zone, looking to grow and excel in a new area of your life.

Only Human: Why is Healthcare So Expensive? We Ask an Expert


Only Human: A Podcast. Only Human is a show that isn’t afraid to have those uncomfortable conversations about our healthcare, or how to experiment with possible solutions. Hosted by Mary Harris, Only Human tells stories we all can relate to. Because every body has a story. This one in particular, “Why is Healthcare so Expensive?” is a great 15-minute listen explaining the complexities of our health system and why it’s so darn expensive.

Podcast: How I Built This.


Podcast: How I Built This. How I Built This is a podcast about what is possible and how to go from a dream to a successful, or eventually successful implementable model, prototype, system or product.

Solvable Podcast


Solvable Podcast. This podcast, featuring a Coleman Associates favorite, Malcolm Gladwell, digs into huge, seemingly overwhelming problems. But, instead of getting caught up in the “why we can’t” mentality, it busts through all of that and asks “how do we get there?” They apply this optimism to problems such as ending homelessness for everyone everywhere and giving refugees the same educational and economic outcomes as their non-refugee counterparts. This is a great podcast for when you are feeling stuck with how to solve challenging problems or when you are ready to don your cape to go out and save the world.

Shawn Achor’s Ted Talks: The Happy Secret to Better Work


Shawn Achor’s Ted Talks: The Happy Secret to Better Work. This fast-paced, very funny 12-minute video is riveting and is a must-see for everyone. Anyone who has ever thought or said “As soon as…, I’ll be happy” must see this an understand how this very notion is impossible and approaches happiness from the wrong angle. This video is a great addition to a management session, a staff meeting, a teaching or motivating meeting or any gathering where you are seeking a catalyst for the participants to embrace happiness as part of their life improvement.

How to Change the World – A Practical Blog for Impractical People


“How to Change the World – A Practical Blog for Impractical People.” Known as the former Chief Evangelist for Apple, this best-selling author hosts his “How to Change the World” blog where he shares his ideas of how to enchant the world. From marketing to technology, customer service, and product development, Guy believes that “if you need to enchant people, you’re doing something meaningful. If you’re doing something meaningful, you need enchantment.” Tune in daily as he gives useful advice applicable to any industry.

Click here for Guy Kawaski’s Blog. Innovator. Idea generator. Guy Kawaski has brought his strengths in innovation, idea spreading and social media to all of us through his blogs, tweets, and speeches.

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