Linell Catalan

Linell Catalan

RN, Process Redesigner & Trainer. Los Angeles, CA

RN BSN.  Process Redesigner & Trainer. Los Angeles, CA. Linell started as a CNA, and now is a public health nurse with experience as a floor nurse and supervisor at a non-profit Community Health Center serving the heart of Downtown Los Angeles. Linell has experience working with diverse cultural backgrounds and has primarily worked with underprivileged populations, including the homeless of Skid Row. Linell was on the receiving end of a Coleman Rapid DPI™ (Dramatic Performance Improvement) in her clinic in 2011. She is a Passion Igniter and excels at training her staff in improving communication, teamwork, and enhancing patient flow. Linell worked with Coleman through our CHAMP program in her clinic and has participated in a number of Rapid DPI™s. Linell is fluent in Tagalog, and she is passionate about patient-centered care, patient education, and advocacy. Linell is recently married, she loves a good laugh, has a semi-insatiable thirst for adventure, and is not afraid to try anything new!

To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often. -Winston Churchill

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