Harpreet Sanghera

Harpreet Sanghera

Trainer & Coach. Sacramento, CA

Process Redesigner, Trainer and Coach. Sacramento, CA. Harpreet was a Clinic Manager at her Community Health Center where she worked for eight years. She started as the front office lead, worked as a medical assistant (MA), lead MA, and flow coordinator. Harpreet also worked on the Quality Improvement team at her health center and is a graduate of the Clinic Leadership Institute (CLI) Program. Harpreet participated in her clinic’s Coleman Associates Rapid DPI™ (Dramatic Performance Improvement) where she both learned and blossomed as a trainer and coach. Harpreet has worked and managed our small collaboratives from Salt Lake City to Rhode Island from Chicago to Louisville and she is also a Rapid DPI™ Team member. Harpreet speaks fluent Punjabi and football. She spends much time enjoying her friends and family: both her relatives and her four-legged friends. Harpreet also loves cooking and gardening as well as the outdoors but they never get between her and a 49ers game!

You must do the thing you think you cannot do. -Eleanor Roosevelt

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