Eni Grant

Eni Grant

Trainer . Providence, RI

Trainer. Providence, RI. Eni Grant has committed her life to health care access. Working with nonprofits she is well versed in all aspects of clinical health care delivery with extensive experience in front desk operations as well as medical assisting. First as an assistant health center manager, then as health center manager, Eni coached her team using Coleman techniques to significantly improve cycle times and patient experience/satisfaction scores. Eni believes that “equity is access” and knocking down those walls preventing patient care is the first step in dismantling medical racism. When she’s not making the world a better place, Eni enjoys fantastic home cooking from her husband/professional chef, Kevon, or playing with her very sleepy cat, Lexie, and her way too energetic dog, Rocky.

Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud – Maya Angelou


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