Dee Jolly

Dee Jolly

RN, Trainer & Coach. Griffin, GA

RN, BSN, Process Re-Designer, Trainer & Coach, Griffin, GA.  Dee has an extensive career in healthcare focused on community health and Federally Qualified Health Centers.  She is passionate about transforming organizations to deliver operational excellence and exceptional patient care. Throughout her career, Dee has provided leadership and management oversight to many multidisciplinary teams.  In her positions as Regional Operations Manager and most recently Chief Operations Officer, Dee led her organization through an extensive organizational restructuring, Joint Commission accreditation, and she championed the Coleman Dramatic Performance Improvement (DPI™) projects. Dee was on the receiving side (as a participant) of five Coleman Dramatic Performance Improvement™ Collaboratives, and her organization completed their Coleman High Impact Management Program (HIMP) for health center leadership. Since leaving the Chicagoland area and “migrating” South she has worked with Coleman on a number of Rapid DPI™s and Collaboratives. Dee loves the outdoors, bird watching, walking, and gardening. She has the most fun spending time with her family and her adorable grandchildren, Charlotte and Luke.

“People will support that which they help to create” -Mary Kay Ash

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