Amanda Laramie

Amanda Laramie

COO, Process Redesigner & Trainer. Boulder, CO

COO, Project Manager, Process Redesigner, & Trainer. Boulder, CO. Amanda has experience in process design, training, and leadership development. Before working with Coleman, Amanda worked for PP in Providence, Rhode Island in the areas of Development and Fundraising, as a Medical Assistant and also as the Center Manager. She played a pivotal role in the merger between the Rhode Island PP clinic and the Connecticut affiliate in 2008 and led her team to dramatically improve teamwork, clinic efficiency and productivity utilizing some of the Coleman High Impact Management Program (HIMP) tools. Amanda is a Data Wizard and a Coleman Passion Igniter aka Coach. Amanda is a PCMH Technical Advisor and has written numerous articles on the subject. Amanda manages DPI™ Learning Collaboratives, is a Rapid DPI™ Team Leader, and has facilitated High Impact Management Programs for health center leadership and also developed Coaching for Performance training. As COO, Amanda has spoken at conferences, written Vroom!™ modules and curriculum for the Coleman Team and has strengthened/established internal processes.  Amanda loves hiking, eating, reading romance novels, and exploring out west with her husband, Charlie, their daughter, Grace, their dog-daughter, Sandie, and cat-son, Benny!

We are continually faced with great opportunities which are brilliantly disguised as unsolvable problems. -Margaret Mead

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