Rapid DPI™ Booster

Rapid DPI™ Booster

Advancing Your Rapid DPI™ Model after the Initial Rapid DPI™

Have you gone through a major change at your organization after Rapid DPI? Maybe key staff or leaders have left the organization? Or perhaps you implemented a new EHR or changed your physical site?

The Rapid DPI™ Booster is designed as a supportive, expert nudge after dramatic changes such as EHR implementation, major staffing and leadership turnover, physical plant changes or after exhausting all internal resources to fully implement the original DPI™ recommendations. The Rapid DPI booster provides the same Coleman-style practical and innovative push as the Rapid DPI and builds on the recommendations of the DPI work with an emphasis on implementing and problem solving in teams in the new environment. The booster will concentrate efforts on coaching and rollout.

Who should get a Rapid DPI™ Booster?

The Rapid DPI™ Booster is for a site or organization who has successfully completed the Rapid DPI or the DPI Collaborative. Past clients will still have the skeleton model in place when we come in for the Booster visit and may just need another outside push or catalyst to reinvigorate staff. Other times the Booster is helping the site advance to the next level model of care. Maybe you have started offering a new service at your site and want to DPI™ it? Maybe you just installed check-in kiosks and want to redesign the model around new technology? The Booster is a focused honing of the DPI Principles at your individual site after the foundation is firmly in place following a Rapid DPI or DPI Collab.

Rapid DPI™ Booster Focus:

Focus for the booster is determined by a series of conversations between Coleman Associates and on-site/top leadership. The Coleman Associates team (2 CA staff) will spend two and a half days on-site during the booster week. The CA team will conduct the initial assessment of the model implementation, and assess the teamwork and major obstacles facing the management of the model. This will be done with an eye toward coaching for consistent application—which reduces variation and increases sustainability. The remainder of the booster visit is spent in clinic coaching staff, teaching internal staff to coach and take of the role of shepherding new processes, trouble shooting changes, and making additional nuanced recommendations as part of the trouble shooting process.

Follow-up Coaching:

Then following an initial visit, Coleman Associates provides distance coaching for eight weeks. This eight week coaching period has a two follow up visits: a second visit of two days (with 2 CA team members), and a final one-day Capstone visit by the CA project coach.

During the initial site visit week the CA Team, who is already familiar with some of the key areas of service and the staff, will survey the major operational areas of the clinic that were addressed during the initial DPI week.

As in the initial DPI™ week, the CA team works closely with the clinic’s management team, meeting with the managers (“huddles”) once each daily (towards the end of the day) to share observations and information, get feedback, discuss recommendations, and agree on an implementation plan (for the next day), as well as coordinate overall efforts related to this project.

The Rapid DPI Booster training includes access to the Vroom! online training room to help train, support and provide accountability to managers as they lead the DPI™ improvements. The cost for Vroom! is included in the cost of the program as listed.

Please call 303.499.2058 or email for more information.

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