Teams and managers like you have already made significant improvements in their clinic processes–improvements that patients notice. Read some of their comments & stories for yourself.

HIMP Session Results

Measurable improvements in leadership teams scores on our screening assessments are always absolutely anonymous. However, an average increase of 10% improvement on management scores is seen regularly....

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MD and FQHC Medical Director

"Working at the health center this week [the Coleman Rapid DPI™ week] was so different than any week I have experienced. The openness and communication and the willingness to change and accept a new way of doing things amongst the staff was very exciting and I found that my own enthusiasm and belief that things could change and improve had returned! In addition to your incredible ability to see what we were doing and what we needed to change, I do believe that a key part of the success of the week was how you worked with staff and supported and nudged and encouraged us in a way that was not critical or judgmental bu...

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Community Health Center, CEO

"We consider Coleman Associates to be a valuable, long term partner. Their engagements delivered immediate results, and they stayed connected throughout the process to help ensure long term success." ...

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Melissa and Amanda, I want to express my gratitude for your insight, candor, and for your help in building a more solid foundation for our organization and its leadership. Little did we know that th...

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Change all the way to the bone

This CHC worked with Coleman in 2018 - 2020 on DPI™ through which they strengthened their patient-centered culture. They say beauty is more than skin deep and this health center does a beautiful job radiating warmth for patients through their parallel program “Patients First” which built upon the DPI™ cu...

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