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We are process designers with a focus on healthcare. We bring innovative ideas, process redesign expertise, diverse EMR exposure, and vast experience designing better processes inside of hundreds of health centers across the country. We are best positioned to partner with you to spark your change.

Our Mission:

We see that great people get into healthcare and then lose their way under the weight of bad processes, rules-oriented systems and cumbersome technology.

Together we can develop and tailor models of work that help you become a true medical home, provide high quality, efficient care in a way that is stimulating and inspiring to staff and providers. One health center at a time we will help transform the way healthcare is delivered.


From our beginnings of Patient Visit Redesign, we have applied our practical, hands-on experience to modern style training techniques. We have innovative training and consulting options that allow you to find the right fit for your timeline, your budget, your current processes and your vision for the future. We offer online training, in person training, workshops and one-on-one coaching to support you in your practice redesign.


Our clients range from small to large, rural to urban, Specialty Centers to Community Health Center – anyone who believes there is a better, more cost-effective and patient-centered way to provide care.

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Teams like yours have already made significant improvements in their clinic processes–improvements that patients notice. Read some of their stories for yourself.

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