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The New Normal

Our Coleman team has been working with health centers around the country who are using their Dramatic Performance Improvement™ tactics to successfully navigate the rapidly changing COVID-19 environment. We’ve compiled best practices and are developing new Coleman tools that health centers can use with their patients and staff during the coronavirus outbreak. We encourage you to steal shamelessly and use these resources with your teams so no one has to spend unnecessary time ‘reinventing the wheel.’ We know that the uncertainty of this pandemic can be anxiety-laden and we want to be sure you have the resources you need to provide the best care possible to your patient community while protecting the health and well-being of your staff.

COVID-19 Resources

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CARES Act & H8D Fund


Coleman Associates respond to some FAQ regarding the H8D funds.

Telehealth/Telephonic Visits: A Complete Starter Guide - Webinar


This webinar offers tools, advice, workflows, and other best practices from health centers across the country. We shared links and tools during this webinar that you can take with you to advance your telehealth services during coronavirus and beyond.

How to Run a Drive-Thru Clinic - Webinar


Coleman Associates has compiled some best practices from organizations around the country and created some simple workflows and best practices to share with anyone who is setting up this kind of testing outside their clinic doors.

Staffing DOs and DON'Ts During a Pandemic - Webinar


This webinar is designed for administrators who are struggling with the following decisions:

  • When to deploy staff for remote work
  • When to rotate staff
  • When to change clinic hours

How to Manage Remote Staff - Webinar


In an ever-shifting healthcare climate, more and more organizations are moving to send non-clinical workers to remote work. This 1-hour webinar will share the DOs and DON'Ts of how to manage remote staff.

How to Communicate During a Pandemic - Webinar


We discuss formal and informal strategies and share a tip sheet that you can take with you

How to Work Remotely - Webinar


This is a great webinar for staff who are just starting to learn how to navigate working remotely. We shared best practices for how to set up your workspace and how to be productive at home.

How to Scrub the Schedule During a Pandemic - Webinar


We shared some sample scrubbing tools and a guide that will help you and your staff navigate upcoming weeks of rapidly changing schedules during this time.

COVID-19: Square Peg, Round Hole Podcast


Learn how one health center extended a week's worth of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) into 32 days.

COVID-19: Changing Habits to Combat COVID-19 Podcast


Listen to this podcast episode that has some really helpful tips and tricks for how you can use Dramatic Performance Improvement™ (DPI™) innovations amidst this global pandemic.

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Coleman COVID-19 Podcast Episodes

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