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COVID-19 Resources

Our Coleman team has been working with health centers around the country who are using their Dramatic Performance Improvement™ tactics to successfully navigate the rapidly changing COVID-19 environment. We’ve compiled best practices and are developing new Coleman tools that health centers can use with their patients and staff during the coronavirus outbreak. We encourage you to steal shamelessly and use these resources with your teams so no one has to spend unnecessary time ‘reinventing the wheel.’ We know that the uncertainty of this pandemic can be anxiety-laden and we want to be sure you have the resources you need to provide the best care possible to your patient community while protecting the health and well-being of your staff.

COVID-19 Resources

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Eventbrite Registration Page for 8 COVID-19 Trainings and Health Center Gatherings


Register Here for any of our Free Training Webinars for Health Centers During the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Reduced Workflows & Staffing Guidance for Non-Clinical Operations


Here is a helpful tool we created to help with workflow reductions and staffing guidelines for a non-clinical staff member.

A Letter to Patients - a Template


During this unprecedented time it seems like we’ve received an email from everyone...Everyone except our Primary Care Provider. We highly suggest you communicate with your patients now. Here is a suggested template that Coleman put together that you can edit specifically for your site to get to your patients immediately.

Drive-Thru for Clinics


A Drive-Thru option protects patients and staff and helps to save critical PPE resources. This guide is intended as a starting point to create internal processes. This guide is designed around a generic workflow that can be tweaked for individual clinics.

Testimonial about Red Carpeting during COVID-19


An organization in Oklahoma built on the foundation of “Red Carpeting” they learned during their DPI™ Collaborative. This organization piloted “Red Carpeting from the Parking Lot.”  The goal is to have the patients wait in their car instead of the waiting area and then bring them directly to the exam room once the health center is ready to see the patient. 

In order to make this successful, they do some work prior to the appointment. The receptionist reviews the provider’s schedules and identifies any newborn appointments and two-week follow up appointments. This is a version of Coleman’s Scrubbing the Schedule.” The receptionist then contacts each patient in a Robust Confirmation Call and gives them a direct line to call when the patient arrives at the health center’s parking lot. Once the patient calls, the registration process is all done via the telephone. The staff ‘sweeps’ the parking lot every 30 minutes to make sure patients are not missed. This organization found the process worked so well, they will be rolling it out to the rest of their sites!

World Health Organization Guidance


Here you will find World Health Organization guidance around COVID-19.

Don’t let COVID-19 Stop DPI™!


The Health and Wellness Center of Oklahoma has been leveraging DPI™ to help them respond to COVID-19.

John Krasinki’s “Some Good News” Episode 2


John Krasinki’s show “Some Good News” is extra special this week! A guest performance by the original cast of Hamilton, the weather report by Robert DeNiro and Emily Blunt jumps in too! Enjoy!

COVID-19: Square Peg, Round Hole


Learn how one health center extended a week's worth of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) into 32 days.

Changing Habits to Combat COVID-19


Listen to this podcast episode that has some really helpful tips and tricks for how you can use Dramatic Performance Improvement™ (DPI™) innovations amidst this global pandemic.

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Coleman COVID-19 Podcast Episodes

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