We're releasing new content all the time. Can't find an article? It could be here. Some of these are stories that were sent to us by you, our readers, and others are oldies but goodies from our PVR days.

Getting to Yes: "Heal Thyself"

You can picture it: the Medical Director, Head Nurse, and Clinic Manager sitting around a table, steam coming out of their ears, each holding the line and unwilling to compromise. As they wrestle with...

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What About Quality?

Preface by Roger Coleman It is common in our Patient Visit Redesign™ workshops and trainings to have an attendee object to our focus on visit cycle time and productivity: “Gee, I think these are ...

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Small Office Redesign

This is the story of a small faculty practice within a hospital system. This patient visit redesign model is probably the most efficient we've seen implemented. Something had to change. It was a f...

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A Little Audacity Goes a Long Way

This is a different kind of success story. It’s a story that has everything and nothing to do with redesign. It’s a story about vision, with seeing the impossible become possible—not in a g...

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A New Lencioni Team Tool

A Review by Roger Coleman Over the past three years, there have been over a thousand books published on the topic of leadership, and often on my travels I've seen the most unlikely characters readin...

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