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Excite. Innovate. Transform. That’s the methodology. Coleman Associates enjoys a national reputation for helping health centers reach unparalleled improvements through a series of anecdotes, storytelling, data, and videos to deliver very impactful messages about the needs for change and the roadmap to make those changes. Our diverse experience provide a humble motivation which, when coupled with tangible steps, makes Coleman a powerful outside catalyst for change. Although our patients have serious needs and our resources are limited, our organizations must change if they are to thrive as first-rate providers of health care in this time. Organizational transformation is largely a matter of the heart—of values we care most about.

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Innovation Series

Reduce No-Show Rates in Community Health? Redesign the visit to actually work for the patient? These seemingly insurmountable challenges and more are explored in a podcast hosted by Coleman Associates. We will interview health centers, redesign experts and dramatic performance improvement veterans on what worked, what was challenging and what you can do to start your own transformation effort tomorrow.

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