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And, we think you might be interested in learning more about what they are doing.

We have agreed to collaborate with these people if you are also our client so that your process improvement work dovetails effectively with their work.

Obviously, we have never been clients with these people so we cannot speak from that perspective in recommending them. However, we have seen what they do, met with them and we like them.

OrganizationsReference Information
CAREMINDr delivers continual communication to strengthen the Doctor/Patient relationship, generating higher care-plan adherence and better outcomes. Particularly well suited to help CHCs monitor Social Determinants of Health (SDoH) and Activities of Daily Living (ADL) which are key to increasing quality metrics for increasing revenue from Value-Based Care contracts. Our programs result in more in-person and telehealth visits by providing condition-specific biometric and other health-related data for early intervention.

CareMessage is a patient activation platform designed especially for safety-net healthcare organizations. With a core focus on health centers and free clinics, CareMessage allows providers to communicate with patients at scale, prompting patients to action via technology products that are designed to create more equitable health outcomes.

We work with 400 customers in 43 states- mainly 194 FQHCs and free and charitable clinics. Using CareMessage, safety-net organizations have reached over 10M patients with over 300M messages.
Institute for Bolder HealthcareIn order to enable those who serve underserved populations to do so more effectively, efficiently, and cohesively, the Institute for Bolder Healthcare is a new non-profit focused on building a national learning environment. They intend to build internal capacity to provide teaching and eventually expand to provide healthcare and education simultaneously to those who need it.



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