Our Story

Coleman Associates has enjoyed 30 years of success in redesigning the way healthcare works for patients and staff. We use a proprietary method of iterative testing in a bottom-up and top-down blended approach to teach best practices, focus workflows on the patient experience (which also benefits staff), redesign digital work processes, and create lasting change.

Roger Coleman founded Coleman Associates after working briefly as a CEO at a Boston CHC and teaching at the Harvard School of Public Health. Roger created our first Patient Visit Redesign™ in the early 1990’s based on comprehensive team based care models–now referred to as Patient Centered Medical Homes.

Melissa Stratman began working with Roger in 1999 and became the current owner and CEO in 2010.

Successful partnerships with the Bureau of Primary Care in the 1990s led to a refined Patient Visit Redesign™ (PVR) process. In 2003, Patient Centered Scheduling (PCS) was created as a practical solution for the public sector struggling to implement same day access to care. In 2009, PVR and PCS married to create Dramatic Performance Improvement. DPI was designed as a shoulder-to-shoulder, practical, and data-driven training approach. Since 2010 we have been developing concrete training programs and practice transformation tools to help both fuel and sustain change.

More Facts:


PVR concepts were inspired by the publication of The Reengineering Revolution (Michael Hammer) and The Discipline of Teams (Smith and Katzenbach).


All of our Coleman Associates trainers and coaches have worked in health centers on process improvement changes.


The first PVR™ trainings were built in 1993.


Coleman has conducted trainings in Puerto Rico completely in Spanish.


80% of our team members have been in a health center when it went through a Coleman DPI™ transformation.


Our trainers spend almost every week of the year in health centers developing and honing best practices.


DPI – Dramatic Performance Improvement is a trademarked, proprietary training program developed by Coleman Associates.


Our honed shoulder-to-shoulder coaching program helps staff adapt more readily to change.


Our training focus reignites the passion for patient care that most staff members initially brought to their jobs.


Melissa Stratman, current owner and CEO, began working with Coleman Associates in 1999.

Our Ethos

We believe in inspired, self-managing teams that thrive on producing results and doing meaningful work. We are one of those teams and this is our Ethos.

Are funny and know how to laugh and have fun

Have independent spirits

Embrace diversity

Are redesign specialists

Are passionate about making health care patient-centered

Inspire each other

Are curious and love to learn

Never let a teammate down

Encourage opposing opinions to provoke thought

Never miss deadlines and are utterly reliable

Consider success to be the only option

Never abandon a redesign team

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